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Market Share - Agricultural Finance

We developed a first-of-kind model to estimate county-level loan volume and market share for farm credit services and individual competitors, using government and industry data.  This process has been adopted by some of the largest farm credit organizations in the United States, and is valuable for sales and marketing decisions within those organizations.

Market Mix Modeling - Automotive

Determined the key Marketing drivers for sales of motor oil and car care products in the Auto Parts and Retail channels, utilizing a number of disparate data sources.  This was particularly challenging given the absence of standard information sources in this industry, but ultimately served to guide key business decisions.

Segmentation - Hispanic Consumers

Developed a segmentation tool for a research company specializing in Hispanic market research, building on their strength of fieldwork to create a tool usable by their clients.  Results enabled our client to better understand key segments in this growing market, and provide better insights to their end users.

Max Diff - Money Transfer

Collaborated with two research companies on a decision factors study for international money transfers.  This work enhanced the final reporting for both firms, providing valuable insights to their Financial Services client.

Pricing Research - Auto Repair

Analyzed survey results from owners and managers of collision repair shops, to build revenue estimates using multiple pricing models.  Utilized price sensitivity research (vanWestendorp) to determine pricing strategy for the end client.

Concept Testing - Renewable Energy

Have conducted multiple rounds of concept testing in the residential electricity sector, focusing on renewable energy products.  Determined the appeal of innovative products & services in multiple geographies, as well as barriers to entry in the marketplace.

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