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Even full service research companies have questions from clients that require an additional set of eyes.  Deep Data Divers specializes in these issues, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.  A few examples of what we can do for you include:

Predictive modeling

Regression analysis is the backbone of predictive modeling, and Deep Data Divers has you covered.  We cleanse data, build models & marketing simulators, and provide expert advice to give you and your clients comfort in the quality and applicability of results.

Market size & share estimates

Determining a client's "piece of the pie" is very valuable for business strategy, but can be a challenge - particularly in underserved industries outside the traditional CPG world.  We have build models for industries as diverse as the automotive aftermarket, agricultural financing, energy and healthcare, using a wide variety of proprietary and publicly available information often overlooked by others.  Our work has created value for satisfied clients, who become repeat customers.

Advanced survey techniques

Our analytical expertise lands itself well to traditional survey research, allowing you to add advanced tools such as conjoint and max diff analysis to decision factors research.  We have built custom segmentation models for multiple industries, and build algorithms that allow living, breathing segments that will not sit on a shelf but provide clients with the tools to reach key customer groups long after the study has ended.

Reporting enhancement

Sometimes you may just need an extra hand with reporting, and we can do this too.  Will survey data you provide, we'll build spreadsheets, PowerPoint decks or other help to help you deliver on your clients' expectations.  We also perform statistical significance testing, and can participate in client calls and presentations for color commentary on research and analytical issues.

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